Proud to carry strong traditions in advocacy, customer service and excellence in nutrition care.

The team of Registered Dietitians at VIDA Dietetics provides comprehensive clinical nutrition services, delivered with compassion and integrity. In accordance with LTC regulations, all clinical work is completed on-site to ensure a thorough assessment.

Clinical Nutrition Services:

The story and the strong emotional connection to food is something that we all share. Our dietitians work collaboratively to promote liberalized diets, food and meal service as an opportunity for pleasure and enjoyment to improve the resident’s quality of life as well as nutritional status.

  • Nutrition assessment and monitoring
  • Nutrition care planning
  • Resident care conference attendance and/or input
  • Clinical nutrition specialties including, but not limited to:
    • Diabetes and renal impairment using liberalized diets
    • Hydration
    • Dementia care
    • Dysphagia management
    • Nutrition in wound care management
    • Enteral feeding
    • Palliative care

Care Team Support:

Respecting residents’ and families wishes along with reinforcing safety and best practice in nutrition care is challenging. Our dietitians strive to consider both in order to achieve the delicate balance needed for working in today’s LTC world.

  • Interdisciplinary team meeting attendance
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Clinical policies and procedures
  • Algorithms for decision making
  • Menu review and approvals
  • CARF/Accreditation support
  • Forms/tools – personalized for Home specific needs
  • On-site visit by VIDA Dietetics ownership for support as needed by the dietitian or Home (during family care conferences, Compliance Inspections, Quality Improvement Plan development or for any other Home needs)

Quality Assurance Systems:

VIDA Dietetics are industry leaders in quality assurance supports and systems. Program evaluations, nutrition indicator statistics and meaningful on-site audits help to develop the protocols, policies, procedures and tools needed to drive the delivery of optimal Nutrition, Food Service and Dining Programs.

  • Annual Nutrition and Hydration Program Evaluation
  • Nutrition indicator tracking, monitoring and benchmark comparisons
  • Annual and mid-year Nutrition Indicator reports
  • Comprehensive audit manual

Administrative and Educational Tools:

Our dietitians are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise and are experienced in providing in-service education sessions for staff. To develop and maintain the expertise of our dietitians, VIDA Dietetics provides our team members with regular professional development and networking meetings.

  • In-services for care team staff compatible for either on-line or in person delivery
  • Information brochures for families and residents on topics such as dysphagia, hydration management, healthy eating, skin and wounds
  • International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative supports – policies, forms, in-services

Consultative Services:

The VIDA Dietetics team has a wealth of experience in clinical nutrition and in food service operations.  We are happy to work as a consultant to personalize a variety of packages and services that include:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • In-service packages targeted for staff education 
  • Informational handouts on various nutrition topics for residents and family members
  • On-site program evaluation of the nutrition and hydration program
  • Operational reviews of food and nutrition departments